How to choose office furniture

Of course, it is not chosen for classically designed offices, but for modern studios, in the routine of which there are creative elements.
Important nuances in the selection of office furniture.

Having set out to change the atmosphere of the office, or to open his own business, the owner does not always know where to start. So, the office is of the open space type, i.e. So, an office sofa differs from a home one in the following parameters:
form (as simple as possible, without frills and structural frills);
appearance (the product has strict outlines, with a predominance of straight lines; there are no decorations, additional elements, such as shelves, minibars);
functionality (office upholstered furniture is almost always stationary, focused on the only and main function – a comfortable seat, necessary while waiting, or the moment of negotiations);
upholstery (mainly leather, but both natural and eco-leather are equally popular; these materials have high wear resistance, durability, easy maintenance, which meets the requirements of the working environment).
In addition to the sofa, the office furniture category includes: pouffes, armchairs, cabinet products (tables, racks, cabinets), frameless samples. The outer cover of the frameless office chair is made of eco-leather in classic shades, due to which it harmoniously fits into the business interior. The format of such furniture does not quite comply with the strict rules of office design, but a compromise is reached through adequately selected upholstery materials. The latter should be given special attention, as they began to introduce themselves into a strict working atmosphere recently, but managed to fall in love and become the highlights of modern business institutions.

Frameless products include armchairs, poufs and sofas, on which there is no rigid base, and the usual filler is replaced by loose balls of polystyrene. She has a seasoned style, characterized by simple forms, straight lines, moderately strict design. Variability of form adds ease to the interior, keeps employees in good shape. The presence of soft elements is required, since the head cannot use common places of rest for personal purposes. Even in open space offices, the territory of the authorities is isolated, separated by partitions.

Leather furniture is selected for her, the set includes a sofa, an armchair, a table, necessary cabinet products, made in the same style. The assortment of furniture is huge, without the experience of combining furniture, studying the needs of employees, it is difficult to navigate. The same with the number of employees. A client or future employee who first visited the office always compares the feedback they hear with the picture they see. From the workload of the premises by employees, its format and equipment will depend. open plan, needs a different set of furniture than the usual cabinets with walls. If in a small office for 5-7 people you can experiment by combining different styles, then in the design of the workspace for the masses (10 or more employees) – this is impossible.
It is also worth remembering that the decor of the manager’s office should be different from the general furniture of the office. After all, the leader is the highest link, which involves ranking both wages and working conditions. The office environment plays an important role in the overall perception of the company. Furniture should be selected in the office based on its status, and not similarity with the rest of the room. The design of such products makes it easy to recognize them, which eliminates the use outside the work environment. Frameless sofa is also popular in the work environment. And if there are contradictions (for example, solid recommendations are not supported by the same interior), the visitor has doubts, he takes time, hesitates to start cooperation.
Characteristics and varieties of office furniture
Office furniture is a special category of products, created according to the canons of ergonomics, and focused on intensive use. In order not to make mistakes in the selection process, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the recommendations of designers specializing in office interiors.
The first thing to consider when choosing furniture for the workspace is the ratio of free space to the number of seats.

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